Friday, September 30, 2011

Crinum asiaticum ..... Perfumed Poisen Lily

 Flowering now at Cortijo Azahar.....


Belonging to the family Amaryllidacaea, Crinums are impressive plants which can reach 5 to 6 feet tall in their natural habitat, Tropical Asia.
There is a rare variety which has red petals and all are fragrant, releasing their perfume at dusk.
A common name is 'Poisen Lily' or 'Poisen Bulb'.
A single bulb can weigh up to twenty pounds and the seeds can be as much as 3 inches across.      


Flowering at Keanae Arboretum, Maui,  the second largest of the Hawaiian Islands.

Friday, September 23, 2011

No rain forecast today........

          Clouds,  yes and a high of 26ยบ but rain?   no of course not but....

... it has been raining since around 4 pm.   Not heavy mind but showing no signs of stopping.

Our first rain since early May!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Allamanda cathartica ..... Golden Trumpet Vine


Native to South and Central America, this fast growing shrub likes the sun and plenty of moisture.
It was given to the garden by a grateful 'paying guest' last summer as a thank you and is now flowering away in it's second year.

The golden trumpet from the Apocynaceae family is a vine that requires a trellis or a fence to support it.  Growing best in full sunshine, and well drained soil It does not twine, nor does it have tendrils or aerial roots.
This vine could also be pruned so that it grows as a shrub. If not pruned, it could rapidly grow to a height of 20 feet.


Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Carissa macrocarpa ...... Natal Plum


The flowers which are produced throughout the year are sweetly perfumed and the berries, rich in Vitamin C, calcium, magnesium and phosphorus, are tart but edible.   
The plant has vicious thorns and is often planted as a security hedge.

Native to South Africa from the Apocynaceae family and growing in coastal bush, coastal forests and on sand dunes, from Humansdorp northwards through Kwazulu-Natal to Mozambique, this shrub makes a good garden hedge and attracts birds and butterflies to the garden.
The fruits can be eaten raw or made into delicious jams or jellies.

A Fat Tree Frog.........

            Whilst doing some essential pruning this morning,  a young tree frog landed on my shoulder.  He didn't stay long. Don't know who was the more surprised.....him or me.

       I was lucky enough to find this older tree frog hiding in a rose whilst watering early one summer morning.   Did I say hiding?                        

The pruning had become essential because 'himself' had been complaining that he could no longer navigate the path to the water tank in safety.  The Carissa, with it's nasty thorns, kept attacking him he said.   I could see his point.                             

Phaseolus caracalla ..... Corkscrew or Snail Vine


Snail vine or Cork screw vine 

This very fragrant vine from the family Fabaceae  originating in tropical South and Central America was planted here in early Spring and has just begun to open it's flowers. 


Monday, September 5, 2011

Tibouchina urvilleana ...... Glory Bush

This lovely tropical shrub,  a favourite from our time spent in Kenya,  has been flowering in our Costa Tropical garden since early July. 

Coming from the rainforests of Mexico, the Caribbean, and South America, especially Brazil,  it  needs a sunny sheltered spot over the winter.  

Family name is  Melastomataceae.