Monday, March 25, 2013

Our Red Rumped Swallow brings a friend.....

Since last Wednesday, our 'Red Rumped Swallow' has been a frequent visitor to his perch in front of the mirror.  Early morning and in the evening until it is too dark to see himself,  and once or twice during the day,  he tweets away to his reflection.

To our surprise, four mornings ago, he arrived with a friend who perched herself on top of the parrot's head alonside the mirror and sat watching our  Red Rump.  Goodness only knows what she made of it but...she eventually flew off and left him to it.

Since then, she has been a regular visitor, arriving with him and leaving with him, patiently waiting for him whilst he admires himself ......

Are they nest building we wonder....will her patience be rewarded?

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Return of the Red Rumped Swallow.....

Monday morning as soon as it was light enough to see, there he was, cheerfully singing away to himself in the mirror on our patio....

The last time he was here was the middle of  September.   
Where has he spent the winter?
 Perhaps he flew across the Alboran sea to Morocco, it isn't so far from here.

Will he find a mate, rather than a mirror image, and settle down?   

Only time can tell.     

Friday, March 8, 2013

After the March Rain......

We awoke to a beautiful clear sunny morning with not a cloud in the sky.    Oh the sheer joy of it after a week or so of heavy torrential rain.   The birds are singing in the tree tops,  the avocado trees are full of blossom and our spirits are lifted.  The sea is as flat as a mill pond this morning and as I watch, the Moroccan bound ferry is noisily signalling it's imminent departure.

We are more than ready for another Moroccan adventure but, meanwhile, whist we wait, there is much to keep us busy in this Costa Tropical Garden.

Up in the hills above Motril, the wild flowers will soon be abundant and at their best after all the rain.
March and April, the perfect months for visiting hill walkers, wild flower enthusiasts and Bird watchers here on the tropical coast of Spain.