Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Jasminum polyanthum.. ..Winter Jasmine

 This delightful fragrant climber is the first of several Jasmines to flower in this Costa Tropical Garden.

Every year it pleases me by coming into blossom in time for my Birthday and this year is no exception.
As the dark pink buds open, the perfume pervades the garden in the evening and early morning and gives such promise of more flower delights to come as Spring arrives, the days grow longer and the garden warms up.

 This semi hardy climber, belonging to the Oleaceae family,  is often planted against a fence or near a door or window where is scent can be really appreciated.   It has an interesting cut leaf and can be clipped to shape, however it grows fast and can become somewhat unruly and scruffy if not properly looked after.

It holds an ‘Award of Garden Merit, AGM, given by the Royal Horticultural Society, for outstanding plants.  An absolute ‘must have’  in the garden.

 There is a lovely variegated variety which I have yet to find here on the sunny coast of Southern Spain but…..  it’s not for the want of looking.

                                               Jasminum  officinale Argenteovariegatum