Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Euphorbia hypericifolia......Diamond Frost

Flowering now in the garden, this vigorous spurge has produced it’s tiny white flowers, non-stop, for more than a year .

 The hybrid, Diamond Frost  produces masses of pure white bracts above finely textured, apple green foliage. It adds stunning texture and color to a border in full sun or partial shade.

It also softens walkways and walls. It is a perfect groundcover or a small perennial specimen. It is heat and drought tolerant, but will do best in partial shade, if you are planting near stone. It will tell you it is stressed by dropping some of its leaves and flowers.
The plant grows to about 2 feet tall and wide. From a distance, it looks just like a soft white cloud, but in reality its as tough as any euphorbia. It takes sun, but also thrives in part shade, making it perfect for lighting up a dark garden area.
Diamond Frost is fast growing, and one small 4 inch container will grow to fill a two foot area within one season. Because the plant is airy, its fine to plant it close with other plants to fill any empty space.
This plant is extremely low-maintenance, an absolute workhorse in the garden, blooming almost the entire planting season and with no deadheading needed. Don't let its delicate appearance fool you - it's exceptionally resistant to both heat and frost. 

All  euphorbias have slightly toxic sap; more an irritant than a poison.