Sunday, May 27, 2012

Jacaranda time.........

The stunningly beautiful purply blue lavender blooms of the young Jacaranda have been slowly opening here in the Cortijo Azahar Garden over the past few days.

It is almost impossible to capture the true colour of the flowers on film and just as impossible to describe the emotion they instill in me  when I see the trees in full bloom.
They fill my soul with gladness.......and sadness.

There are many Jacaranda trees around and about Motril, indeed, they majestically lined the high street until the Town Council in its wisdom, a couple of years or so ago, decided to waste an absolute fortune remodelling the area of  SalobreƱa Avenue.  
They gave me the feeling of  'coming home' when first I set eyes on them some thirteen years ago now, a sense of recognition, old friends,  and I so regretted their passing.