Sunday, May 6, 2012

Pseudogynoxis chenopodiodes.......Mexican Flame Vine

Mexican Flame Vine

Blooming almost all year round here on the southern cost of Granada in Spain, the intense orange, 2" daisy-like blooms with yellow centers are borne on a vigorous twining vine.

Belonging to the family asteraceae, theMexican flame vine is a woody tropical vine with the enchanting summertime habit of covering itself in brilliant daisy-like flowers. The bright orange blossoms are borne in small clusters.
As they age the flowers change from orange to almost red.
They are followed by fruiting structures that resemble smaller versions of the dandelion's puffy seed heads.
This vine has thick evergreen leaves that are shaped like arrowheads and serrated on the edges. They are arranged alternately on the vine and are deep green in color providing a handsome background for the fiery orange flowers.

A synonym (out of date scientific name) for this plant is Senecio confusus which translates as "confused old man" referring, no doubt, to this vine's rampant habit of growth. 

If not provided support, Mexican flame vine grows this way and that in a confusion of stems that piles up to eventually form a sprawling shrub.